Sien offers an insight into the life of one of the most enigmatic characters in history. It’s her story, told by her, in her own voice. It’s a love story in the true sense of the word, between a woman and a man who just wanted to be together, but who weren’t allowed that simple desire.

Clasina Maria Hoornik was born in  The Hague on 22nd February 1850, the eldest of eleven children. She was forced to turn to  prostitution to help support the family. Van Gogh’s relationship with Sien made a huge impact on his way of drawing, and it served to build his character and influence his later, now famous, oil paintings. He helped her when he himself was in need of help and lacking the luxury of money. Van Gogh despaired of her rejection by “respectable society” and the loss of his little family.

Lauren Frances is an avantgarde artist whose work has been the subject of book covers, exhibitions and was even used on Paris streets during the “yellow vest” protests in 2018. She has applied her extensive knowledge and admiration of the work of Vincent van Gogh in Sien, her debut novel, planned as the first in a trilogy.

Cover image by Lauren Frances in the style of Van Gogh’s early drawings

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